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The Beautiful Island of Lombok

Lombok is an island that holds a lot of places where that is not inferior to tourism in Bali , and if you want to visit Lombok island you have to visit in a couple of areas that will be my name.

Below I will present some of the areas are worth a visit in accordance tourism brochure which I get from my hotel :

1 . Suranadi . Here there are hotels complete with heated swimming pool and tennis court . There is also the oldest Hindu temple , is located 17 km if the ride vehicle from the city of Mataram .

2 . Lingsar . Temples with sacred fish in the pond , with a location 9 km drive from the city of Mataram .

3 . Narmada . Lombok Botanical Garden , with pool, there is a Hindu temple which is often used for Hindu worship , the location of 12 km by road from the city of Mataram .
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4 . Batu Bolong . There is a temple on a rock jutting into the sea , if the weather is sunny and could see Mount Agung in Bali , as well as nice to look at the scenery at sunset . Location 8 km by road from the city of Mataram . To enter the area , then we are obliged to wear a yellow ribbon of fabric ( can be rented on site ) , which fitted waist . Here beautiful scenery , the sea broke through the rock between the holes, making a sound gemerosak . Unfortunately when I came here , the weather is still cloudy after the rain , but the beautiful scenery . The sun peeking between clouds , and the light reflected off the sea water fall .

5 . Senggigi . Natural white sandy beaches are clean , surrounded by hotels , inns and bungalows . Very beautiful, especially when sunrise and sunset time . Location 10 km by road from the city of Mataram . Many souvenir hawkers on the beach , a freshwater cultured pearl colorful , ranging from the price of 25.000 , – Also vendors shirt that said Lombok and Senggigi , Lombok and engraving on wood , can be a place of fruit , masks and others.

6 . Sire Beach . Marine park with exotic coral and fish swimming to and fro . Located 36 km by road from the city of Mataram .
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7 . Gili Air , Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan . Heaven in northern Lombok island , surrounded by marine park . Here many people diving or surfing . This island has many hotels and inns , so they can stay here , the beach is still original . To reach this location can use a motor boat .

8 . Sukarare . The village where the weave , here if you want to buy a traditional woven cloth Lombok , as well as see how the weavers do the job . Location 25 km by road from the city of Mataram .

9 . Rambitan / Sade . The original village of Lombok , the Sasak traditional house , the location of 50 km by road from the city of Mataram .

10 . Kuta / Tanjung Aan . Mandalika beach with sparkling lights , where we can swim , there is a hotel and restaurant . Every year there is a celebration catch / see Nyale fish , location 56 km by road from the city of Mataram .

11 . Mataram . Mataram is the capital of the province of West Nusa Tenggara . While Ampenan an old port city ( now moved to a sheet ) . City Ampenan distinctively ancient architecture , which when cleaned and cared for properly , will be a popular tourist destination . In the city of Mataram ( which has become an integral part of the city and town Ampenan Cakranegara ) we can culinary , eating food with his trademark Lombok is spicy . In Jakarta we often see Taliwang restaurant , which turned out to Taliwang is the name of a region , which initially Lombok food vendors in this area . Typical Food of Lombok , among others : plecing kale , chicken plecingan , the range chicken ( spicy chicken marinade once ) , beberok sauce . Plecing turned out to be the name of the cuisine , so it is known that given the kale cooking / seasoning cooked plecing , plecing cooked chicken ( chicken flavored spicy , silenced , baked / fried , then seasoned spicy anymore ) . Beberok sauce is a sauce made ​​from purple eggplant slices , sliced ​​red onion , sliced ​​tomato and chilli , served with other foods Lombok . Typical drink is coconut honey , water head consists of young , and young coconut in shredded – shredded and given honey … Ehhm …Like . To buy souvenirs typical woven cloth Lombok , could in Cilinaya Shopping Centre .

12 . Cakranegara . Is a business city , there are farm markets , bird markets , and Mayura springs and Meru temple , the largest temple in Lombok . Cakranegara reputedly was once a former kingdom , but the former kingdom ( the site ) is unrecognizable . If you want a souvenir of food , then can buy fried chicken legs , salted eggs and a variety of sweets from seaweed .